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the impossible magic of  simon aronson
  Volume 2 includes:
Prior Commitment
Two Jokers appear in the deck, and locate two cards freely cut to by the spectators.  But you won’t believe the surprise climax: the Jokers have predicted the exact location of both spectators’ free cuts!  Simon’s UnDo Influence principle is self-working, but so deceptive that you’ll actually fool yourself with this one.
The Calendar Card
The birthday book plot updated, streamlined and with Simon’s favorite presentation that plays big enough for the stage!  Simon’s subtle touches combine with a unique and colorful prop, to produce a commercial masterpiece.
Head Over Heels
A unique new move that both controls and reverses a freely chosen card – and it’s easy to do.  Simon explains several applications, including the Invisible Card, and an in-the-hands Triumph!
Red See Passover
Simon’s classic odd-backed, thought-of card across – a diabolical combination of methods that produces an exceptionally clean miracle, with four climaxes!  Michael Close says, “Red See Passover is one of the five strongest card tricks you can do for anyone.”
Quadruple Spellbound
A spellbound routine with a difference: the coin changes four times!  Close up, visual and clean looking magic!  The one trick Simon performs most often!
Random Sample Shuffle-bored
Simon’s Shuffle-bored has become a classic around the world.  Even though two spectators freely shuffle and randomize the entire deck, the performer knows the exact face-up and face-down condition of every card!  Here, Simon performs and explains his favorite, and most entertaining presentation!  (Comes complete with special foldout prop).

 And more … Simon is known for his intensive explorations of the birthday book theme.  As a bonus he performs and explains Anytime Birthday Shopping (you can carry it in your wallet!) and Fate (the spectator freely chooses any card in the deck, before announcing his birth date.)

 “It’s hard to say which is more amazing:  Simon’s miraculous effects, his diabolical methods, or the depth and detail of his thinking.”
                – John Bannon

Approximate running time: 1 hour, 51 minutes 

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