Sessions with Simon:   

the impossible magic of  Simon Aronson 


  Volume 1 includes:Vol-1-Front2.jpg


O’Aronson Aces

Simon’s amazingly visual handling of the O’Henry Ace plot, with an engaging poker presentation.  At the climax all four Aces magically land under the spectator’s hand!


Among the Discards

A surprising effect … about surprise!  A card sandwich, including the spectator’s freely chosen Ace, suddenly appears where the spectators least expect it – in full view.



An Instruction Card actually becomes the spectator’s signed selected playing card, while in full view! Creates an impossible object, for the perfect souvenir!  Used by top professionals around the world.



An easy utility move, with a host of practical applications.  Instantly locates four Queens (or Aces) at any place in the deck the spectator chooses.


Under Her Spell

A humorous vanish and reproduction of four Queens, while taking the spectator on a blind date.



The cleanest, most visual finger ring and rubber band routine you’ll ever see! The illusion of linking and penetration is instantaneous, with no extraneous moves.


Self Control Lie Speller

The performer finds a card which is merely thought of, in a borrowed shuffled deck, without ever once touching the cards!  Simon’s favorite location. 


It’s the Thought that Counts (performance only)

Simon and his wife Ginny demonstrate the incredible two-person mind reading act they’ve performed around the world, for over 35 years.  You won’t believe your eyes and ears, it’s that good!


“Simon’s routines are designed to bamboozle the most discriminating and intelligent of spectators – and he’s willing to go to whatever lengths are necessary to accomplish that goal.”

                  – Michael Close

 Approximate running time: 1 hour, 48 minutes-$30.00


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